Haryana Birth Certificate 2024: Check Necessary documents and eligibility

Good news for Haryana residents! Getting a birth certificate is now easier than ever. The state government has started an online application system, so you can apply from home. A birth certificate is an important document that shows a child’s name, when they were born, and who their parents are. You need it for things like school admission and getting other important papers later.

In India, births must be registered within 21 days as per the Birth and Death Registration Act of 1969. Haryana follows these rules to keep proper records of new babies born in the state. The government offices that are allowed to issue birth certificates put all the important details about the child on the certificate. This official paper proves the birth and can be used as ID proof for many things throughout a person’s life. To get a birth certificate in Haryana, you’ll need to check the necessary documents and eligibility requirements.

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Uses and Importance of Haryana Birth Certificate

  • A birth certificate helps your child start school. It’s needed to sign up for classes from primary to college.
  • Want to travel? You’ll need a birth certificate to get a passport. It’s also useful for getting a driving license in Haryana.
  • When it’s time to vote, this paper helps put your name on the voter list.
  • Many government programs ask for proof of who you are. A birth certificate works well for this.
  • Your birth date is important for legal stuff. This paper shows exactly when you were born.

Eligibility and Required Documents

To get a Haryana Birth Certificate, you must be born in Haryana or have parents who live there. It’s best to register within 21 days after the baby is born to avoid problems.

  • You need a paper saying when and where the birth happened.
  • Parents should bring their ID cards.
  • A ration card is helpful to check your family details.
  • Give a phone number so they can contact you.
  • Bring a small photo of the child for the application.

Online Application Process

  1. Go to https://edisha.gov.in/ on your computer.
  2. Click on “Download Forms & Instructions” to find the birth certificate form.
  3. Fill out all the details on the form carefully.
  4. Attach copies of all your papers to the form.
  5. Take the filled form and papers to the right office.
  6. If you register within 21 days, it’s usually free. If you’re late, you might have to pay a small fee.

Checking Application Status

Want to know if your birth certificate is ready? Here’s how you can check:

  1. Open your computer and go to https://edisha.gov.in/.
  2. Find the “Status of Application” button and click it.
  3. You’ll need your EDisha/Saral ID and phone number or a special code.
  4. Click search and you’ll see how far along your application is.
  5. If it says “Verified”, your certificate should come soon. If not, check again later.

Late Registration and Special Cases

Didn’t register within 21 days? Don’t worry, you can still get a birth certificate. But it might take more work the longer you wait.

Time PeriodProcessFees/Penalties
22-30 daysNormal process with some extra papers₹5 penalty + ₹2 late fee
31 days – 1 yearYou’ll need to talk to the District Registrar₹25 penalty + ₹10 late fee
After 1 yearYou’ll meet the Sub Divisional Magistrate₹25 penalty + ₹10 late fee (same cost, more papers)

If you didn’t name your baby right away, you can add or change the name for free within a year. After that, it costs ₹5. But after 15 years, you can’t change the name on the certificate. Also, Haryana now asks for Aadhaar registration for new babies before giving birth certificates. This helps with the eligibility check.

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