Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana 2024 : Check Required Documents , Eligibility Criteria and Benefits

The Uttar Pradesh government has started a new scheme called Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana to help workers’ families with their daughters’ weddings. This scheme gives Rs. 51,000 to families who qualify for their daughter’s marriage. The money helps poor families pay for wedding costs without taking on too much debt.

The main goal of this scheme is to support working families and those with less money in Uttar Pradesh. Many of these families find it hard to pay for weddings and often borrow a lot of money. By giving Rs. 51,000, the government wants to make it easier for workers and poor families to get their daughters married without going into debt.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana. You’ll learn who can apply, what papers you need, how to apply, and what help the scheme gives. By the end, you’ll know how this program works and if you might be able to get the money for your daughter’s wedding. We’ll also cover the eligibility criteria and benefits of this helpful scheme.

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Overview of Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana 2024

Name of SchemeJyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana
Launched byGovernment of Uttar Pradesh
Implementing DepartmentLabor Welfare Council, Uttar Pradesh
BeneficiariesDaughters of laborers and poor families in UP
Financial AssistanceRs. 51,000
Official Websitewww.skpuplabour.in

The Labor Welfare Council of Uttar Pradesh runs this good program. They make sure the money goes to the right families when they need it. The council knows weddings can cost a lot for workers. So they try to make things a bit easier. With this extra help, more families can have nice weddings for their daughters without worrying too much about money.

Objectives of Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana

  • This plan wants to stop money problems from ruining a happy wedding day. By giving Rs. 51,000, it hopes to pay for a big part of the costs. This way, families can enjoy the day instead of thinking about bills.
  • Many workers think they have to borrow money for weddings. This plan tries to change that. It gives families another way to pay without getting into debt that could hurt them later.
  • Getting ready for a wedding should be nice, not scary. This program tries to help parents feel less worried. With this money, they can relax a bit and enjoy this special time for their daughter.
  • Some people worry that having a girl means big wedding costs later. This plan wants to change how people think. It shows that the government cares about all children and wants to help families, no matter if they have boys or girls.

Eligibility Criteria for Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana

Not everyone can get this wedding help. The government has some rules about who can ask for it. These rules make sure the money goes to families who really need it. Let’s see what you need to qualify:

  • You must live in Uttar Pradesh. This isn’t for people just visiting or staying for a short time. The government wants to help families who live in UP all the time.
  • This program is for people who work hard but don’t earn much. If you’re a laborer, work in a factory, or find it hard to pay for things, you might be able to get help.
  • There’s a limit on how much your family can earn. If you make more than Rs. 15,000 a month or Rs. 2 lakh a year, you probably can’t get this help.
  • The government keeps a list of workers under something called the Labor Factory Act. You need to be on that list to get this money.
  • The girl getting married needs to be at least 18 years old. The boy she’s marrying should be 21 or older. These are the ages when it’s legal to get married in India.
  • Families can get this help for up to two daughters. After that, they can’t ask for it again.
  • You can’t wait till the last minute to ask for help. Start asking 3 to 8 months before the wedding day. This gives everyone time to check if you can get the money and get it ready.

Required Documents for Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana

To ask for this wedding help, you need to get some important papers ready. These papers show who you are and that you can get the help. Let’s look at what you need to gather:

  • Your Aadhaar card tells who you are. It shows you live in India. Make sure it has where you live now.
  • The ration card helps show your family doesn’t have much money. It proves you need this extra help.
  • You need a paper that says how much money you make. This income paper proves you don’t make too much to get help.
  • The bride’s birth paper is important. It shows she’s old enough to get married by law.
  • Bring something that shows where you live, like a light bill or a bank paper with your address.
  • You need a copy of the wedding invitation. This shows the government the wedding is really happening.
  • Have a copy of your bank book ready. If they say yes, they’ll put the money right in your account.
  • Don’t forget to bring a new photo of yourself. They might need it for your papers.

Benefits of Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana

This plan gives more than just money. It tries to make life better for people. Here’s how it helps:

  • The big help is the Rs. 51,000 you can get. This money goes right to your bank, so you know it’s safe and there when you need it.
  • Weddings can cost a lot. This extra money means you might not have to borrow as much or use up your savings. It makes the money worries smaller.
  • It’s not just about the wedding day. This help gives families a bit more safety. They know someone’s looking out for them during big times in life.
  • When workers get this kind of help, it helps them stand on their own. They can feel good about giving their daughter a nice wedding without owing money.

Application Process for Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana

Want to apply? It’s not too hard. You can do most of it on the computer, which is easy. Here’s how to start:

  1. First, turn on your computer or phone and go to www.skpuplabour.in. This is where you’ll do everything.
  2. Look for a button that says “New User Register” or something like that. Click it to make your account.
  3. After you’re signed up, you’ll need to log in. Use the name and password you just made.
  4. Now you’ll see a form to fill out. Take your time and answer all the questions carefully. Check everything twice before you go on.
  5. There’s a part where you need to put in those papers we talked about earlier. Make sure you have clear pictures of each one.
  6. After you’ve filled everything out and put in your papers, there’s usually a “Submit” button. Click that to send your form.
  7. Sometimes, they ask you to print out your filled form and get it checked. If so, take the paper to a nearby government office or school to make sure it’s right.

If you don’t like using computers, don’t worry. Some places might let you fill out a paper form instead. Ask at your local work office if you can do that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have some questions about how this plan works. That’s okay! Here are some answers to things people often want to know:

What is the Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana?

It’s like the government helping out when workers’ daughters get married. This special plan in Uttar Pradesh gives money to families who find it hard to pay for a wedding. The idea is to let everyone have a nice celebration without spending all their money.

How much money does this plan give?

The government gives Rs. 51,000 to each family that can get the help. That’s a lot when you think about all the wedding costs! They don’t give you cash though – the money goes right into your bank account. This way, it’s safe and ready when you need to buy things.

Who can get the Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana help?

This help is for working families in Uttar Pradesh who don’t earn much. If you’re a laborer, work in a factory, or have a job that doesn’t pay a lot, you might be able to get it. Your family should make less than Rs. 15,000 each month. Also, the girl getting married needs to be at least 18, and you can only get this help for two daughters in your family.

How do I ask for the Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana help?

Asking for help is not too hard. Most people do it on the computer at www.skpuplabour.in. You’ll make an account, fill out a form, and put in some papers. If you don’t like using computers, ask at your local work office. They might have paper forms you can fill out instead. Just remember to start doing this a few months before the wedding!

What papers do I need to ask for this help?

You’ll need to get a few important papers ready. The main ones are your Aadhaar card, ration card, and something that shows how much money you make. You’ll also need the paper that shows when the bride was born, a copy of the wedding invitation, and your bank details. Don’t forget a new photo too. Having all these ready before you start asking will make things go much faster.

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