MP Akansha Yojana 2024 : Check Required documents, facilities and Application Process

The Madhya Pradesh government has started a new program called the MP Akansha Yojana 2024. This program helps Scheduled Tribe students get ready for big national entrance tests. It gives free coaching to smart students from tribal areas so they can go to college and have good careers.

The MP Akansha Yojana picks some students and gives them lots of help to study for JEE, NEET, AIIMS and CLAT exams. They get free classes at good coaching centers, places to stay, and books to study. This program wants to make things fair so tribal students can try to get into the best medical, engineering and law schools in India.

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Scheme Overview

The MP Akansha Yojana 2024 helps bright Scheduled Tribe students in Madhya Pradesh do well in school. This new program gives them good coaching that they couldn’t get before because it cost too much. By making it free, more young tribal students can try to get into India’s best colleges for jobs like doctors, engineers, and lawyers.

Name of the SchemeMP Akansha Yojana
Started byMadhya Pradesh Government
DepartmentTribal Affairs Department Madhya Pradesh
BeneficiarySC/ST students of Madhya Pradesh
BenefitFree coaching for students
Application ProcessOnline
Official Website
StateMadhya Pradesh

Scheme Objectives

The MP Akansha Yojana wants to help tribal youth do better through education. It’s not just about getting ready for tests, but about giving them all the help they need to do well and feel sure of themselves. The program wants to change how tribal students think about big competitive exams.

  • Give free coaching to Scheduled Tribe students for big national tests
  • Have coaching centers in main cities of Madhya Pradesh
  • Get students ready for JEE, NEET, AIIMS, and CLAT exams
  • Help smart students who don’t have much money
  • Get more tribal students into good colleges

Available Facilities

The Akansha Yojana does more than just give coaching. It makes a place where students can focus only on their studies. From good places to stay to help with how to take exams, everything is set up to help students do their best.

  • Free classes for big tests like JEE, NEET, AIIMS, and CLAT
  • Places to stay for students picked for the program
  • Teaching for 11th and 12th grade subjects
  • Coaching at good centers in cities like Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, and Gwalior

Scheme Benefits

The MP Akansha Yojana 2024 does more than just give free classes. It helps tribal students reach higher than they thought they could. This program opens up chances that many didn’t think they had before, giving ST youth the things they need to do as well as other students from all over India.

  • Free help to get ready for big national tests
  • Chance to learn at well-known coaching schools
  • Money help for a place to stay and for classes
  • Better chances to do well in hard tests
  • Good education for tribal students
  • Making ST community want to study more

Eligibility Criteria

The MP Akansha Yojana looks for smart students from tribal areas who can do really well. The rules might seem tough, but they make sure the students who need it most get this great chance. If you fit these rules, you should try to join – it could help you get the job you want!

  • Must live in Madhya Pradesh all the time
  • Should be from a Scheduled Tribe family
  • Must be in 11th or 12th class
  • Family should not earn more than 6 lakh rupees in a year
  • Need at least 60% marks in 10th class
  • Get picked by doing well in a test by coaching schools

Required Documents

Getting the right papers ready is the first thing you need to do to join the Akansha Yojana. These papers are like your ticket to a better future. Make sure you have all of them ready before you apply – it will save you time and worry later.

  • Aadhar card
  • Paper that says which caste you belong to
  • Paper that shows how much money your family makes
  • Proof of where you live
  • Your 10th class marksheet
  • Bank book that is linked to your Aadhar
  • Digital paper of your caste
  • A new photo of you like for a passport
  • Your phone number

Application Process

Signing up for the MP Akansha Yojana is your first move towards a better tomorrow. Don’t worry if it seems hard – we’ll explain it in easy steps. Just remember, every big journey starts with one small step!

  1. Visit Official Website: Go to the Tribal Affairs Department website :
  2. New Registration: Click where it says “New Beneficiary Profile Registration”
  3. Fill Application Form: Put in all the info about you and your school
  4. Document Upload: Take pictures of your important papers and upload them
  5. Submit Application: Check everything and then send in your form
  6. Entrance Exam: Take the test that the coaching schools give
  7. Merit List: Get picked based on how well you do in the test


What is MP Akansha Yojana?

The MP Akansha Yojana 2024 is like a helper that cheers you on. It’s a special program that lets tribal students in Madhya Pradesh try for the best colleges. If you want to be a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, this program is here to help you.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

If you’re a Scheduled Tribe student in Madhya Pradesh who’s good at school, this program might be perfect for you. You need to be in 11th or 12th class and have gotten at least 60% marks in 10th class. But it’s not just about marks – it’s about how well you can do.

What benefits are provided under the scheme?

The MP Akansha Yojana gives you everything you need to get ready for big tests. You get free classes at really good schools, a place to live, and all the things you need to do well in hard entrance exams. It tries to remove anything that might stop you from doing your best.

How can students apply for MP Akansha Yojana?

Applying is really easy! Just go to the Tribal Affairs Department’s website and follow the steps to apply online. You can do it all on a computer from your home. Remember, you’re just a few clicks away from a great chance!

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