Up Praveen Yojana 2024 : Check Required Documents , Eligibility Criteria and Benefits

The Uttar Pradesh government has started a new skill training program called the UP Praveen Yojana 2024. This program is for students in 10th and 12th class. The best thing about it is that it’s free! Students can learn job skills and get certificates that can help them find good jobs later.

Some people also call this the UP Pramukh Scheme. The government is starting this in government secondary schools all over Uttar Pradesh. They want students to learn useful job skills along with their regular studies. The government thinks this will help students get ready for jobs.

The main reason for the UP Praveen Yojana is to help students become more independent and ready for jobs. By giving free skill courses and certificates, the government wants to make it easier for students to get jobs. This is a good chance for students to learn things that companies want when they hire people. Students who join this program can check the eligibility criteria and required documents to make sure they can take part in it. The benefits of this program can really help students in their future careers.

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Key Details of UP Praveen Yojana

Scheme NameUP Praveen Yojana
Launched ByChief Minister Yogi Adityanath
Beneficiaries10th and 12th class students in Uttar Pradesh
ImplementationGovernment secondary schools
ObjectiveDevelop job-ready skills through vocational training
Number of Schools150 (2 from each district)

Objectives of UP Praveen Yojana

  • Help students learn practical skills along with their regular studies
  • Get young people ready for the changing job market
  • Teach students how to come up with new ideas and start businesses
  • Make sure what students learn matches what companies need
  • Give students the chance to choose from many different jobs

Benefits of UP Praveen Yojana

The UP Praveen Yojana 2024 gives students some really good chances. They’ll get to try out new things like working with robots, using 3D printers, and learning about online marketing. Knowing how to do these things will make it easier for them to find jobs or start their own work later.

Students will learn about different areas like clean energy, working with lots of information, and farming in ways that are good for the earth. Many companies want people who know about these things, so it could help students get good jobs.

  • Learn skills that companies really want
  • Get certificates that show what they’ve learned
  • Find out about new types of jobs
  • Get better at solving problems and thinking carefully
  • Be ready for more school if they want to study more

Eligibility Criteria for UP Praveen Yojana

Want to know if you can join this new program? Let’s look at who can apply for the UP Praveen Yojana. The government has made some rules to make sure the right students get this chance.

  • You need to live in Uttar Pradesh
  • You should be studying in 10th or 12th class right now
  • This is for students in government schools
  • Your age doesn’t matter as long as you’re in the right class
  • You should want to learn new skills

Documents Required for UP Praveen Yojana

  • Your Aadhaar card – you need this to apply
  • A report card that shows you’re in 10th or 12th class
  • Something that proves you live in UP (like an electricity bill)
  • Your birth certificate to show your age
  • A new passport-size photo
  • Your bank account details (in case they give you money later)
  • Your phone number (they might send you important messages)

How to Apply for UP Praveen Yojana

Wait a bit! You can’t apply for the UP Praveen Yojana just yet. The government is still getting everything ready to start the program.

Keep checking for news. We’ll tell you how to apply when the official website is ready. For now, you can get your required documents ready for when they start taking applications. This could be a really good chance for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is UP Praveen Yojana?

UP Praveen Yojana is a new program for students in 10th and 12th class in Uttar Pradesh. It’s free and teaches you job skills along with your regular school work. This program can help you learn things that companies want, which might make it easier to get a job later

Question 2: Who is eligible for UP Praveen Yojana?

If you’re a student in 10th or 12th class in a government school in Uttar Pradesh, you can join this program. You need to live in UP and want to learn new things. It doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you’re in the right class. The eligibility criteria are made to help students who really want to learn.

Question 3: How to apply for UP Praveen Yojana?

You can’t apply for the UP Praveen Yojana 2024 just yet. The government is still getting everything ready. We’ll tell you how to apply as soon as we know. Keep looking for news. While you wait, you can get your required documents ready. This could be a really good chance for you to learn new skills!

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